Nugget Ninjas are low-ranking operatives of The King. They have swords and angry expressions, but other than that there's not much to them.


Five quintillion years ago, Ronald McDonald had to go take a whiz. To guard his restaurant from Cheese Haters he created the Nugget Ninjas. However, when The King and Colonel Saunders took all the Power Stars from McDonald's, they took the Nugget Ninjas too.

Bloomin ugly, aint they?


They don't really have any other than looking really strange and stupid.


Originally, the Nugget Ninjas were in fact the Mozzarella Ninjas. However, Cheese Haters rebelled against this, saying that it was cheesist and that they wouldn't buy it. Nintendo were forced to change them into Chicken Nuggets to stop a war, but the War of Mozzarella happened anyway.

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