This is an episode of Mario and his LOW grades: The Shake Dimension

  • Obama: lollolololololololololollolol i just nuked nim-nom land and PWN'd Daisy!!!!!! lolololololol
  • Knuckles: go over there, there's candy.
  • Knuckles whispers out LOL.
  • Obama: YAY! CANDY!
  • Eats candy(that's REALLY corn.)
  • LunchLady: N00b! I'll PWN you if you don't get out of the corn closet!
  • Obama: Corn? N00b? PWN?
  • Knuckles: OMG, U-A-N00B, U-BEEN-PWN'd!
  • Obama: >:( N00B_B_PWNED_KNUCKLES_!_!_!_!
  • Knuckles: : ) No! I PWN'd You!
  • LunchLady: Detention for both of ya forever, you N00BS!~I'LL PWN YA ALL!

THE (lame) END!

Trivia (This part is more sane than the actual page, read this)

  • Despite it's short script, the actual running time of the episode is nearly 6385427 years. The record time anyone's ever watched any part of it currently remains at 5 seconds.
  • Like all of the series, it was ignored.
  • A rumor spread throughout the community that watching the whole episode will cause your brain to malfunction and turn you into a mindless being; this was later proven to be true.
  • Nim-Nom Land actually does exist, but nobody knows that yet.
  • This is the fifth piece of trivia for the trivia section of this page.
  • The only person ever to watch the entire episode without being destroyed is Chuck Norris for obvious reasons of awesomeness.
  • This episode (along with the entire show) is played on a small monitor in the lobby of hell.

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