olimar was a good guy who hated pikmin he shot al pikmin,s down with the wtf boooom attack

Rivarly with Olimon

He has a pretty good and hard rivarly with someone named Olimon. When the Videogame Wars began Olimar met Olimon, And they tried to kill each other.

Becoming a father

Olimar has a wife named Olitanha and two kids named a son Bas and a girl Carly.


He died after The War of Weegee.Weegee used death stare and then Olimar's head exploded.


He was revived by Tails Doll Jr. and The Exorcist.


Olimar, the pikmin plucker.

He is also immume to Weegee's normal stare.

Becoming A Legend

He also became a legend because he killed the whole Weegee family.Everyone was happy when they where getting a newspaper with the words "Olimar kills Weegee family.".So he became a legend.

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