The old, unimproved boxart

Paper Bloo is a Shame based on Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends that was released to the Nintendo 666 in 1999.  Bloo is rudely awakened by Cheese the evil Butterfly with his magic carrot. Cheese then flies away while while yelling "I WIN! HA HA!", Mario discovers that Bowser is also Bloo. The 2 go to George W. Bush ,who is a Bloo as well, for help, he reluctantly agrees but accidentily walks off a cliff and lands in Sparta. Now Mario and Bowser become Blooario and Bloowser and must eat Cheese's carrot to return to normal or cheese will turn everyone into Bloos.


Mario Sightings

Mario was seen in George Dubyas Pants, so, its weird as This Spammed On Piece Of Crap.