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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Calorie S'more

One of the WORST SHAMES EVER!!!111!

Developer(s) Nintendon't
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date 2008
Genre Eating
Mode(s) (See Mario's Forms)
Rating(s) Crap
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Calorie S'more was a horrible shame developed by NintenDON'T. The shame was an incredible phailure, selling -1,000,000 copies worldwide. When it was released, n00bs were astonished at its lack of phailure, saying that "the sales could have been so much worse".[citation needed] The game had many lame elements, including the ability to make Mario obese from eating too many s'mores, thus giving him the ability to roll around like a pig in mud. No, srsly.


This section section contains spoilers of a shameful should you really care?

The story revolved around the ten-ton plumber after eating way too many snacks. Since mushrooms were no longer appetizing to him, he decided that he'd eat something sweet for once. Can you blame him? Who'd wanna eat fungi all the time...really. Well anyway, fatso had eaten a cookie and realized that they PWNed mushrooms. So, then he ate more cookies. And more. AND MORE. He eventually ate so many cookies that he wanted something else: a s'more. He didn't know why he wanted it, but it just look really tasty. So he traveled through over 9,000 worlds, eating everything in his path...even his partners! So, after finding and eating the Thousand-Calorie S'more, he had a heart attack and died.


It sucked.

Mario's Forms

Form Description
Tubby Mario

Fat Mario

After eating and eating and eating, Mario becomes a tubby person. Unfortunately, he can use this to his advantage. When he weighs more than 500 pounds, he can perform a move known as the "Jelly Roll", in which he falls over and starts rolling. When rolling, he can plow over almost any enemy. However, if he rolls on top of something sharp, a hole gets poked in him and he blows away! w00tness!
Hungry Mario

Hungry Mario

He's Mario and boy is he hungry! When Mario becomes very hungry, he will literally eat anything in his path. Hungry Mario can eat enemies, background objects, cheese, sweet snacks, and even his own fingernails! After he eats so many things, he gains the ability to charge up his fat intake to become Tubby Mario. Wow...Hungry Mario is hungry!
Fork Mario

Fork Mario

Fork Mario is the rarest form tubby gets. In order for Mario to get a fork, he must eat a total of 4000 pounds of food...holy crap. Anyway, when Mario gets his fork, he shouts "FORK OFF!" to no one in particular, indicating that Mario is insane. You knew this, do not deny it. Right, anyway, with a fork, Mario can stab a bunch of enemies at once and eat them, being able to avoid all damage. He can even dig a hole into the ground if he wants to eat earthgummy worms! The effect only lasts for a short period of time though, so he has to become as obese as possible.

Belching Mario

Belching Mario is what Mario turns into after he exits his Tubby Mario form. After rolling over an enormous amount of enemies, Mario's gaseous pressure increases greatly. Thus, the higher Tubby's gas pressure is, the more powerful his belches are. If you want to, you know, take out 50 enemies or something, you charge up his burp for a long time; if you want little wussy belches that don't do crap, then that's your own problem.

Snacks Found in the Game

Snack Effect Snack Effect
Froot Loops

Froot Loops

These yummy rings made of froot replace 15 HP. Donuts

Ent Donuts

A big ol' box o' Entenmann's Donuts restores 25 HP.
Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy!

Ahoy! These scurvy cookies are available only on U-Haul Key. They replace a total of 50 TP. Cinnamon Roll

Cinny Roll

Cinny Rolls replace 10 CP. <3


Rrrrruffles have rrrrrridges! Oh, and they also replace 20 CP. Pretzel


Pretzels are salty and are great for restoring 50 CP.
French Fries

McD Fries

French Fries are found only at the occasional McDonald's throughout the game. They replace 100 TP. Big Mac

Big Mac

Big Macs are heart attacks on a bun. But, they also restore 100 CP.


Jello has the ability to make Mario bounce to high places. He must really enjoy food that moves on its own... Popsicles


Popsicles freeze Mario, allowing him to withstand the heat of Fryer Outpost.
Ice Cream


A nice tub of Breyer's Ice Cream gives Mario brainfreeze! ...Wait, how does that help him? Bagel Bites

Bagel Bites

Bagel Bites are delicious. They also give Mario heartburn, allowing him to set his enemies on fire!

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