Paper mario 3

Paper Mario 3 Box art.

Paper Mario 3 is a sequel to Paper Mario 2. 60 years have passed, after being squished to death, The Marios realize that they're paper, since paper is flat, they didn't die or get hurt. George W. Bush starts making lots and lots of drawings because he was bored, and goes to the bathroom again. Suddenly, the drawings come to life, Kenny McCormick from South Park tried to stop them, but he eventually got stabbed to death. Can The Marios survive this paper-apocalyptic desktop full of paper towns and monsters?

The game had a sequel, Paper Mario 4.


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  • Paper Marios 1-6
    • Flat pieces of paper resembling Mario.
    • Special ability: Paper Plumbling: Fixes a paper bathroom.
    • Weakness: Polygons.
  • Paper Luigi
    • Flat piece of paper resembling Luigi.
    • Special Ability: Fire: Sets enemies aflame.
    • Weakness:Marios
  • Paper Wario
    • Wario loses a lot of weight; Aka, George W. Bush draws him in a piece of paper.
    • Special Ability: Beating the crap outta paper life forms.
    • Weakness: Non-Paper items.
  • Paper Waluigi
    • The most useless character, all he does is being a loser.
    • Special Ability: Whining people to death.
    • Weakness: Anything.(even air!!!!)
  • Paper Dry Bones
    • The most Useful character.
    • Special Ability: Glitches the whole game and throws giant Fireballs that instantly kill bosses. However, you must beat the game 24,942 times to unlock him.
    • Weakness: Waluigi.