Paper Mario 4 gameplay; The evil cursed people; King Jingaling and the Legendary Banjo-Tooie Swedish PAL Set

Paper Mario 4 is the latest Paper Mario shame. It's prequel is Paper Mario 3.

Shame Overview

Paper Mario 4 (also known as Paper Mickey in PAL regions) is a shame interestingly enough released by Nintendon't to NintenDO GamePyramid it stars the stupid Mario, Bloo, Banjo, Kazooie and Bob The Builder. Ah and don't forget Mickey and Rexy.



One day King Jingaling is turned into a zombie by Rexy. Then he becomes the terrible King Singalong and revives the cursed evil people from Super Smash Bros. 4: Legend of All the Mickeys, causing a terrible cataclysm: all the pickles of the world vanished because of that all the people made a bloody revolt that killed 'lotsa people. Everyone was starting to DIE, therefore Wumba told to Mario all the bloody events. The stupid Mario decided to help; however the cursed evil people obviously wouldn't let Mario defeat them. Meanwhile Banjo and Kazooie were playing Banjo-Tooie when King Singalong opened the door and stole their Game Pak. The reasons for Singalong doing so are mysterious. Desperated, Banjo and Kazooie call Bob The Builder asking for help. Bob said that he will help. At the same time, the evil cursed people were turning everyone into Mickey. Bloo got revolted because everyone was once Bloo (Paper Bloo), causing him to get angry at the evil cursed people. Later everyone met coindentally in Shaly's Coke Bar because they love Coke too much. They reunited to kill the cursed evil people and get rid of King Singalong.


World 1- Rexy

World 2- Bloo

World 3- Mickey Mouse

World 4- Bob The Builder

World 5- King Singalong (final boss)

The Key Items

  • Banjo-Tooie Game Pak
  • Banjo-Tooie Legendary PAL Box
  • Banjo-Tooie Booklet of the Light


  • The sales were fine in Japan, since the game is always in Swedish.
  • There were amazing sales in PAL regions. Except in Sweden.
  • There were fine sales in North America, due to the high difficult of Swedish and the fear begins without pickle.


  • King Singalong, even defeated doesn't say why did he wanted the Banjo-Tooie Game Pak.
  • It was released in South America as: Panel de Pon. Why? NintenDO doesn't know the difference between fairies and paper.