Pauline is Mario's Ex-Girlfriend from the Shames in which Donkey Kong was the villain who kidnapped her and Mario (known as Jumpman at the time) must save her.

Mario and Pauline

Pauline was Mario's Girlfriend. Then, Mario decided that Pauline was too good for him (which she is) and stepped down 5 leagues and became Princess Peach's Boyfriend. In Mario vs Donkey Pong: Mini's March Again, Pauline makes a return, but somehow had the same voice as Peach. Turn Off.

Current Life

Mario has Peach, Luigi has Daisy, Toad has Toadette, Wario has Money, but who does Waluigi have? That's right. Pauline stepped down a notch to make sure that no one dumped her again. Imagine waking up every morning to HIM!!!!!!

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