That is PHILLIPS's boss and MissingNo.'s rival, MissingYes.

is an area located in the UnWorld. It was made after Nintendo and this one idiot named Philips decided to team up and create a series of Cd-I Shames. However because Sony and Microsoft were spying in Eeh Three, Nintendo had to move to a new land to make the shames there. Thus, PHILIPS was born. The only reason the country was made in CAPS was because when Nintendo was typing the name of the country, the caps lock in the computer was broken and Shigeru Miyamoto didn't bother using the "Shift" key.

PHILIPS contains:

  • State of Weegee - It is the State of the guy known as Weegee. This place is owned by the Squadala Empire.
  • Squadala Island - An island near PHILIPS, it is owned by the Squadala Empire as well.
  • Koridai - This is where Ganon used to live until Link came to town and saved the day and put Ganon in his grave, until Ganon survived and moved.
  • Gamelon - A weird place. Ganon now lives here because after losing all his money in Koridai he had to move here.
  • Mario's Cloud - Originally owned by Lemmy Koopa, this place used to have a beautiful hotel and many wonderful visitors. It used to be paradise until Mario came and using a giant fan destroyed the hotel and killed Lemmy.
  • Hyrule - East Hyrule and West Hyrule, plus the Hyrule Castle is a very awesome place...owned by The King of Hyrule, Princess Zelda and all those stupid guards. East Hyrule is owned by the Squadala Empire.
  • Mushroom Kingdom CD-i - A wonderful place that had six different awesome hotels and great Mushroom trees until Mario ruined it all, along with Luigi. He claims to only have been looking for the princess, who made 'lotsa Spagetti. It is also where Croco goes to nab toasters from Mario and Luigi, or anyone who has a toaster.

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