Not to be confused with Viva Pinata!

Piantas are an alien race of Vampire Slayers, living on Delfino Island. They live peacfully, until night when they go on their Vampire hunt. They also have bad grammar.



Native Location

Piantas were originally aliens from Planet Yutiolkoghydangoutqwerloikmuytquerded B. In 1809 This planet was a wonderful place, with deadly earthquakes, falling hailstones the size of mini-vans, falling mini-vans, volcanoes, and sandstorms. However, in 1810, the Weird Al-iens landed to make home at Yutiolkoghydangoutqwerloikmuytquerded B. The Weird Al-iens attempted to vaporize the Piantas. The Piantas, however, took their lethal weaponry, (twigs, flat irons, etc.) and attacked. This resulted in the Yutiolkoghydangoutqwerloikmuytquerded B-an War.


Unfortunately, the Piantas lost the war in 1811, resulting in them being tied to nuclear missile, which was aimed at the Mushroom World. The Piantas jumped off of the missile, as it hit the Mushroom Kingdom. The peaceful Toads thought the Piantas were a threat, and wiped out many of them with AK-47s. This resulted in the Toad Agression War. After the war was over, the Piantas were beamed to Delfino Island by Scotty. It was there that they finally lived in harmony.

Game appearance

Hyrule-Warriors-Zelda-Gameplay 06-25-14

Pinatas appear in Dragon Quest: Un-Mario Edition as a civilized species on a giant UFO (the size of Paris) hovering above Earth in its atmosphere (with a force field to protect it), where they are to trying to destroy The Darkness.