Pikachu Minecraft

He's MineCraft'd!!!


Pikachu is a mutant rat that came out of an egg that Raichu laid. He can shock other people due to his cheeziness, and can spit cheese as well. In Pikachu Eats Your Cheese, he is the m

ain villain who eats your cheese. You must defeat him to get your cheese back.

Later, it is revealed that he is an advanced


blob of cheese modeled to look like that of a mutant rat. He first appeared in Bob The Builder's special game Can We Fix It?. In this game, Pikachu appeared as the 4th boss of the game, with Mario appearing next in line. Mario beat up Pikachu one day when Pikachu was picking berries, so they are actually mortal foes.

As Luigi observed in an unaired section of SMK Radio "Pikachu" rhymes with "peek at you".

Notable Pikachus