Pikachu Eats Your Cheese is a game that features Ness, the Ice Climbers and Pikachu. Ness and the Ice

Climbers were having a party when Pikachu burst in and ate all their cheese. Ness and the Ice Climbers set out on a journey to get their cheese back. On the way, Loo joined them as well, replacing the Ice Climbers when they died fighting him. The game got bad reviews because the worlds were so short, but the levels were so long.


1:The Plains

This is just normal plains. There are three levels.

  1. Ness sets out on his journey to get his cheez back!
    It's the Ice CLimbers turn to shine!
    Boss Level: Ness vs. Evil Cheez

2:The Ocean

This whole world takes place underwater.

  1. Ness has to deal with hungry sharks!
    The Ice Climbers have to avoid the underwater volcano!
    Boss Level:Ice Climbers vs. Gooper Pooper

3:The Toupee

This level takes place on the Unwashed Man's hair.

  1. Ness has do deal with Wigballs!
    The Ice Climbers must avoid Evil Unwashed Dandruff!
    Boss Level:Ness and the Ice Climbers vs. The Unwashed Man

4:Cut the Cheese=Cut the Loo!?

This level takes place on loo-er-cheese?

  1. Ness has to eat the loo-er-cheese to finish!
    The Ice Climbers climb the freezing mountain of loo!
    Boss Level:The Ice Climbers vs. Loo

5:The Sky

  1. Ness Gets to fly high in the sky!
    Poo gets to wonder why all of these level summaries have exclamation marks on the end!
    Boss Level:Loo vs. Pichu

6:The Moon

  1. Ness must save all the Green Cheese from Pikachu's wrath!
    Poo must traverse the moon made of green cheese!
    Boss Level:Ness vs. Pikachu

Mario Related Stuff

  • Peach's Castle can be seen in the background of The Plains.
  • There's a glitch in the game that makes Ness say That's-a spicy meatball! just like Mario.
  • Luigi can be heard in the bathroom in one of the levels.