Plastic Gear

The original Plastic Gear, in all its shaminess.

Plastic Gear is a series of Sony shames, best known for its terrible graphics and lack of story. The shames star Hollow Caterpillar, who is Zelda's ex-boyfriend. These shames have caused huge outbreaks of Cbeebies and are known to have killed countless innocent Modern Geeks.


Around 2345 years ago the game Plastic Gear was released in Japan by a little known company called Sony, it was unique in the fact that although it was an action shame, it lacked action, so much that the original version of the game was banned in New Zealand, Britain, Japan, America and The State of Weegee because it included stairs which the player could possibly fall down, thus increasing the action! The end boss being the cuddly teddy bear Plastic Gear, explaining the name. Outraged by the superior shaminess of the game Nintendo bought the rights to release a version of the game on the Nintendo SD Phat, this game was full of action, stamping out the stealth game craze started by Sony (ha,ha). But Sony fought back, quickly releasing 98 more stealth games, while Nintndo sat in a quiet corner and cried. At this point the latest game was called "Oak And Chipendale Plastic Caterpiller Gear 65. 97 To The Power Of 6" so Sony decided to start the series names over, then releasing another 3 Plastic Gear games, Plastic Gear Plasma 1, 2 and 3. They recently announced a fourth installment of the series, making Nintendo go up to the bathroom and cry even more (wha,wha). What a shame... Plastic Gear 2 is known for being the most poorly made shame ever.

New Games in the Plastic Gear Series

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