The captain of the ship, himself, who hit the iceberg.

“1.5/10 (Note: Another shitty movie made by Bowser Pictures. And a lazy one as well. The only things I liked about this movie was that it was made in Sony Vegas (which is my favorite video editing software) and the stop-motion is acceptable, but that's about it.)”
The Movie Reviewer

Plastinic is a ship and a stupid movie starring action figures with computer controlled moves and it was bad, this is a ripoff to a movie called Titanic.


  • Plastinic was build in 1910 by a bunch of ducks, made of plastic. In March 15th 1912 was announced the first cruise in the Atlantic.

Not Everyone in the ship

  • Music: some music from some movie called "Titanic".
  • Everyone enters the Plastic ship and say bye to the people that couldn't pay $1 to enter the ship. Mario stole his brother and paid the super-ultra expensive price of $1 to enter the ship and to buy rodent donuts

The Cruise

  • Everybody talks about everything (soap operas for instance). Wawabowser can be seen talking about "Carita de Angel". Rosy(no one cares) and Jacky (blah blah) meet themselves. Wowser is seen too, but all he does say "WOWSER WOWSER WOWSER!" til the end of the movie (Note: this is what made the movie horrible because of the stupid director's knowledge to put effort to this movie.)

The Almighty Iceberg

  • The stupid captain makes the ship hit the iceberg, then the ship starts to sink. Luigi can be seen swimming to the ship. Rosy and Jacky run like mad along with the others to escape fom the ship.

Everyone out!

  • Everyone enters the Paper boats to get out of the Plastinic. Mario gets frozen and is somehow flushed. Jacky and Rosy steal a boat and try to escape, but the boat sinks and gets flushed.

Jacky dies

  • Jacky dies frozen, like everyone else, but not everybody then Rosy get's sent to another ship to return home.

The End



The movie was bad, because the script for the movie was written with crayons and the filming was done by taking 9,000 or more pictures with many Kodak cameras. Editing with a Sony Vegas software. The action figures for the movie were homemade, but the boat looked like crap, and the animation with computers was poor, and you want to know something else? Bowser Productions, who made the movie, made Toilet_Paper:_THE_MOVIE! and Eat_Chicken:_THE_MOVIE!!! didn't you know that from the article Mario's_1,000,000,000,000th_Movie which was also made by the same company.


  • In the end of the movie, it can clearly see that it was filmed in a bathtub with action figures, but it was in stop motion too.
  • The film was a complete failure. Two people watched the movie and one slept inside a cinema, according to an employee, who was still a Video game character in the Mario shame series.
  • When the movie was released to DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, it cost $6.66.
  • The VHs release of the movie cost $9.000! but then it was changed to $0.00
  • Bowser somehow appeared in the movie, since he wasn't in the cast.
  • Mario somehow appears in when he stole his brother and bought a rodent donut for $1.