Pokémon are easily ignored when you can rock out like this guy.

Pokémon (pronounced Pocketmen or Pocketrash in PAL regions) are a species of five hundred and twenty-seven+ creatures (more or less) scattered around the Isle of Stupidity. They "star" in the Pokémon series.

Pokémon are naturally incubated in little orbs of fatal torture throughout their lives, or at least they were until some idiot who became a killer later on in his life decided to release every one known to exist. The freed Pokémon were soon able to conquer most of the Known Galaxy, and it was soon decided by the highest-ranking international Mushroom council that they hadta catch 'em all!. Creating a league known as the Pokémon Trainers, the world leaders encouraged the capturing of the horrible monsters with an integration of pleasure into the subject, introducing the idea of professional Pokémon battling (which was recently banned due to animal treatment controversy[1]) and advertising certain Pokémon's "cuteness". Because of the incompetence of just about everybody in the universe, though, the council's plan to popularize Pokémon in culture ultimately failed as nearly all of the Pokémon died in their trainers' hands. While the Pokémon species (and, to a much lesser extent, Pokémon training and battling) has managed to survive up to today, life expectancy of a certain obscure Pokémon species has greatly dropped recently because of Luigi's obsession with cheese.[2]

They are not to be confused with the entirely and in every way different Pokemon, which is a type of disease that can't be cured.

List of Pokémon

  • Deoxys (The weakest of them all)
  • Magikarp (The God of all Pokemon)
  • Weegee (The strongest of them all)

Missingno deleted the rest of my Pokédex D:

The Massacre of King Singalong

  • During Paper Mario 4, King Singalong did one good thing: he sent his minions to kill every single Pokemon by their weaknesses multiplied by 1,000,000. Causing them to die slowly.


  • During late 1600s, Pocketrash was criticized because of the terrible Episode 38


Sorry, but since this is UNMARIO Wiki, we can only have info on MARIO shames.


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  2. well u see the resembilnce amirit?

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