Pong is Donkey Kong's evil little apprentice who is a monkey. He is much younger than Donkey Kong, but is also smarter in many ways. He is also secretly a mad scientist and is trying to find a cure for Donkey Kong's disease. Recently he has been working on an invention so amazing it'll make you barf flowers. He is ADDICTED to inventing things. Donkey Kong wants to use Pong's things to help them complete their adventure but Pong is selfish and never shares. Pong once invented a hat with a hill shaped thing sticking out of it, and it has been popular ever since. Pong also completed school, college and university when he was 3. This was because when he was 1, he used his knowledge to say "Goo Goo Gaa Gaa" to create a time machine! He still needed to know what was 2+2 though. He tried explaining to his teachers that it was 4, but they insisted it was 6. This took 2 years to explain, until all of them found out he was write, and he gratuated. After that he met a fat gorilla. The fat gorilla saw him and thought he was a magic penguin that produces lemon scented ear wax. He said that fat gorilla was dumb and made the fat gorilla cry. So he decided to cheer him up by lying to him by saying he was his brother, and now he is now the apprentice of that gorilla (Donkey Kong).

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