Santa's Elfs

Porky Minch is a piggy that thinks he is a kid. He appeared in MurpBound and in Daddy 3.

In MurpBound

In Father to he was controlled by Giygas and transformed into a spider so that he could kill Lucas. He failed.

In Daddy 3

In Father free the piggy tries to destroy you and awake an evil crapp monster and stuff like that. In the end he runs into the ABSOLUTELY SAFE REFRIGERATOR but it cannot be opened from inside. Like an elf, he lives forever unless he is killed, but since the REFRIGERATOR keeps him safe he is doomed to life forever.

After Father 3

After Father 3, Porky had trouble with the fridge, and after a few hundred years, frozen up inside the ABSOLUTELY SAFE REFRIGERATOR. But, Napoleon Bonaparte used his "Porto-Revival Machine" to bring Porky back. (Which was a useless move) Porky then created A place that nobody cares about, and Someone blew it up.


  • Even Chuck Norris couldn't break or open the ABSOLUTELY SAFE REFRIGERATOR.
  • Unfortunately for Porky, the ABSOLUTELY SAFE REFRIGERATOR has no toilet. (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
  • Also, the ABSOLUTELY SAFE REFRIGERATOR has the measurements of 4 in. X 6 in. X 2 in., making it impossible for Porky to move or breathe.
  • its unknown who is fatter, porky or evil guy?