Mario loves the Power Glove. It's so baaad.

The Power Glove is easily the greatest videoshame accessory that has ever existed and will ever exist. The only thing that could ever hope to compete with its awesomeness was the never-released SNES-CD, and even then only because it spawned the CD-i.

The Power Glove was compatible with several Mario shames. In fact, ten thousand shames from just the Mario series alone were made for it, because Nintendo loved it so much and worked so hard on it[1] Its main purpose was to allow motion control, and it was extremely precise in doing so without being too fixed or hard-to-control. As such, it was celebrated by multitudes of fans for decades, and, despite the only true "Power Glove" being made for the Nintendo Edutainment System, several models such as the Power Glove Mk. II, Mk. III, and Mk. XLII (as well as the Power Glovee, an upgrade of the normal Power Glove, which is a Power Glove) would follow before the ultimate death of the line in the late 1700s, this guy has on that allows you to perform FALCON PUNCHES.

Years later, however, Nintendo would attempt at making a cheap rip-off of the old accessory known only as the Wii. This evil creation's true purpose was to control people's minds, but it was so poorly-made and uninspired that no one bought it (and instead stayed home with their Power Gloves and CD-is), forcing Nintendo to bury their unsellable Wiis in a landfill somewhere in New Mexico.[2]


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