The Pretzel Men are Bowser's minions in the rescent shame Stupid Mario Galaxy: Revenge of the Nerds.


The Pretzel men are basically look exactly as their name calls them. They are men made of pretzels and they are edible, too. However, they are also very, very stupid and actually enjoy being eaten.


They were first created by the sinister King Harkinian of Hyrule in an attempt to make a DVD player that could also cook dinner. However, something went terribly wrong and the result was men made of Pretzel. He dumped them into the sewer, where they began to multiply. Bowser, who was living in the sewer at the time, discovered them and showed them off to his newly formed alliance, The Rebel Alliance on the Forest Moon of Endor, or TRAONFMOE for short. He planned to use them against Mario (Later replaced with Dark Meta Knight ) and his bride the evil Princess Rosalina and her magic wand. However, they decided to only use them as a back-up force. The plan was that Bowser would run for President against them. However, Rosalina foresaw this and hired Captain Norton's Brother to stop him. Captain Norton's Brother succeeded by winning the election. Bowser then sent of the Pretzel men to spread evil and pretzelly goodness throughout the universe.


Due to their stupidity and overall good taste, Mario and Rosalina ate them all in a month. However, they both got so fat that they couldn't fit in the universe anymore, so the uinverse went boom and life goes on.

Conservation Status

They're all gone. Mario and Rosalina ate them all for dinner and they all died out. End of story.

  • (Psst, hey would 'YOU' go buy some dodongos?)


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