Put some coin, Play the Shame known as Paper Mickey 5 for no reason in Europe is a totally stupid shame starring Paris Hilton and Tinky Winky. Despite it's name in Europe, Mickey isn't even mentioned. This game was released during World War II.


In this shame, you choose between Paris Hilton and Tinky Winky. Then you should use the Dance Pad to make the losers dance. It contains LOTS of glitches because every button you press you go left.


One day Paris Hilton and Tinky Winky met at a disco entrance, then they decide to beat every single idiot in the disco in a stupid dance contest. You must PUT SOME COIN in the arcade to start the stupidity. Before starting the game says to you to be a nincom.


  • Paris Hilton on a certain point of the shame will met with Rosalina, then a Luma eats the head of both, making the game asplode.
  • ERSB rated the game for 15+ due to swearing and cool stuff by Tinky Winky and the total idiocy from Paris Hilton.
  • Tinky Winky meets Laa-Laa and because she stole his dinner, he kills her.

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