How did Bowser make them?

The Real Men Made out of snow are the latest in Bowser's long line of failed henchmen. They appear in the shame Stupid Mario Galaxy: A Lost Hope.


Bowser, who was angry at the lost of his previous henchmen, the Pretzel Men, wanted t oget back at Mario and replace them. One day when it was snowing outside, Bowser decided t ogo out and have a look. Then, het got an idea. With the snow, he crafted out a real man made out of snow, with an anatomy identicla to an actually human male, only with vital organs, skin, muscle, nerves, etc. made out of snow. Bowser then cloned that man of snow and created an army. Giving them armor, weapons, and proper training, Bowser was ready to combat Mario and the evil Princess Rosalina and her diabolical weapon.

Appearance and traits


They look like men in nearly every single way, given the fact that they are really made out of snow. They have eye, ears, mouth, nose, etc. along with arms and legs. They are usually in armored suits, masks, and such. They are also known to carry swords, shields, and spears.Although they are smarter than the Pretzel Men, they are still very, very stupid in many ways.


However, Bower never anticipated that Mario and Rosalina would learn the Real Men mad out of snow's true weakness: Temperatures over 32 degrees fahrenhiet/ 0 degrees celsius. Rosalina then burned all of them, thus melting most of them. The surviving real mem made out of snow retreated back to Bower's cardboard box. Bowser himself joined them in the retreat.

Conservation Status

Since Rosalina melted most of them, there a lot fewer of them around. Bowser might clone more of them in the future, but he will also have to add onto his army and improve the real men made out of snow in addition to that.