Return to the Black House is an episode of The Super Evil Guy Super Show!


Evil Guy and co. have to go to the Black House again.


Scene one

The camera zooms in on New Mario & New Luigi spying on George W. Bush.

New Mario: Ready New Luigi? George W. Bush's secretary is gone! Its time to attack!

New Luigi: Im ready! LETS GO!

(New Mario & New Luigi walk to the back of the Black House and go through a secret window)

New Alright were in! Lets get George W. Bush!

(Dramatic music plays)

Scene two

Evil Guy is watching The Cheese Show on TV.

Announcer 1:We are sorry to innterrupt this show for an important broadcast.

Evil Guy: Why innterupt my show?!

Announer 2: New Mario and New Luigi have captured the president!

Evil Guy: Shadow Kirby! FERNANDO! And Pickle!

Shadow Kirby: Yes boss?

Evil Guy: New Mario has captured the president!

Everybody: WHOA!

Evil Guy: Lets go kill them!

Scene three

The camera zooms in on New Mario & New Luigi tying up Bush with Evil Guy and Co. sneaking behind them.

Evil Guy: Ready?

Everyone: Yes!

Evil Guy: ATTACK!!!

New Mario: HUH?!

(Huge fight scene)

(New Mario Bros get beat)

Scene four

The camera zooms in on Evil Guy untieing George W. Bush.

George W. Bush: Thanks for saving me Evil Guy!

Evil Guy: No problem.

(Credits roll)




This episode was going to be longer but due to lazy author this didn't happen.

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