Not to be confused with Dr. Robotnik!!!

RobotnikClause - Dr. Robotnik's twin brother, who wear funny clothes.


RobotnikClause with Boy

RobotnikClause is gonna eat him!

RobotnikClause was born in Canada as his brother. He always loved when they give him presents, so he started to celebrate his birthday and Christmas every day. His parents lost all their money, so Robotnik Sr. send Robotnik in Soviet Russia with his mother, to spend less money.

RobotnikClause finished school when he was 6. He always laughed at his brother, who only started learning. Robotnik took his revenge, when he bombed RobotnikClause house.

Later RobotnikClause built a fortress, where he could control Canada. One year later M. Bison kicked his butt and took over Canada, but street fighters returned peace in RobotnikClause's country.


  • RobotnikClause is notable for eating children.
  • He invented Piness, the weapon that can destroy Robotnik's Pingas.
  • He stole one PROMOTION from Robotnik and gave it himself.

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