PM: Le Porte Millionaire (in France) aka Run for it! £1,000,000!! in UK is a French shame based on Who wants to be a Millionaire and PM:TTYD. It horribly sucked and was rated M for morons.


So in this one day Mario and his gang of hooligans get an invitation to compete for £1,000,000. Mario planned to not tell the others but some tiny moron that nobody cares about stole the invitation stuff and spreaded it in the neighbourhood (he got beaten up afterwards by Mario). So everybody went to the show and there was that host (KFC Chicken aka Loser) who explained da rules. Nobody got it right and the chicken got beaten up (WTCheese?!), then the chicken freaked out and threatened to kill everyone with a Bigga Bazza bob-omb!!! so everyone accepted the rules.


  • Never go left
  • Take with you a compass that points always South
  • Go dressed like Paper!
  • Beat the crap outta everyone on ur way
  • Walk back 10 steps after each 9 steps
  • Press A to asplode.
  • Always use an iBoo

What they should look for

  • First they had to find 1 needle in a beach (who complains gets beaten up)
  • Second they should swim 100000000 yards and find a pink shell
  • Third they had to jump off a cliff and while in midair do the moonwalk then do the Luigi
  • Fourth they had to beat the crap outta that nincom (Ronald McDonald)
  • Fifth they had to steal all McDonalds food and get past the guards with 100 donuts and 50 burgers on theeir heads (they cant fall or must go back to the beginning)
  • Sixth they had to eat 1000 burgers
  • Seventh they had to sing in old English the song of storms
  • Eighth they had to burst 8000000 ballons then burst a big hot air ballon (wtcheese)
  • Ninth they had to go through 1000 doors back and forth 1000 times walking with their hands
  • Tenth they had to swim in newspaper while screaming "I LOVE N-Y"


They would get £1,000,000, but the money was fake (don't tell anyody, k?)

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