Super Beanbean Kingdom Radio was a small TV station in the Beanbean Kingdom founded in 1965. It was bought out by SMK Radio on May 5, 2003 and shut down on August 31 of the same year. It showed many various progamming, which was never seen again until the launch of the Supa Koopa Archives channel coming on September 2, 2013 after 10 years of cancellation.

Hosts and News/Talk Shows


News/Talk Shows

Regular Shows

In 1989, when Goombario became host, SBK Radio added various shows to the lineup, after being solely news/talk for 24 years. SBK Radio had quite a small variety of shows for a TV station and most of them sucked anyway. All shows are returning September 2nd, 2013 on the Supa Koopa Archives channel for its debut.

  • Fawful Teaches Cooking! (1989-2003): A show that had Fawful hunting and eating helpless creatures like Koopa Troopas and making dishes out of them such as his famous Mustard Of Doom.
  • Prince Peasly's Power Hour! (1989-1998): A show starring Prince Peasly as he flew around and blinded people with his smile. It was replaced by The Fourth Wall in 1999.
  • The Fourth Wall (1999-2002): A drama about four people throwing rocks at a wall. In the last episode the wall fell down and killed them. This show replaced Prince Peasly's Power Hour!
  • Gardener's Digest (1990): A show where a guy walks up to a plant and touches it only to have a Goomba jump up and attack him and then get eaten by a Pirahna Plant that jumps out of the ground.
  • Cash in Your Pockets (1996-2003): A show where Popple goes to an auction and steals stuff but gets beaten up by the security guards and thrown out.

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