Super Luigi Kart TV was a scrapped rip-off of SMK TV, aired only on May 7, 2011 on SMK Radio. This show was cancelled after 1 second

The only screenshot of the 1 seond show, which ripped off the SMK TV's racers and tracks.

of airing, because of being a rip-off and because the government said so.

The only thing that was seen in the show was Luigi wanting to grow up to become a racer and a teenager called A. Lek Dundall gave Luigi a kart. Luigi got on the kart and went a few miles until he crashed.

A. Lek then went to see what happened and Luigi was on the ground very hurt. While that was happening in the show, the government went in and cancelled the show. After A. Lek saw Luigi on the ground hurt, the show went black for half an hour and returned with another boring cartoon.

It is known that the rest of the cartoon was Luigi in the hospital 5 minutes later.

In late 2012, to the revenge of the government, Luigi created The Adventures of SLK TV which airs on a pirate TV station in eastern East Hyrule called Bianca Rinaldy TV. Since that show was not very publicized as this one, it still secretly airs on that channel, although only people that live within a block of Bianca Rinaldy can view this show without bad/no reception.

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