STOP THAT NAKED TOAD!!! is an episode of The Naked Toad Show. That episode was brought to you by Mario Wiki... NOT!


The episode starts out with Toad in this room, and he was wondering if he isn't getting enough exercise, so he ran outside and ran around the block and lots of toad mothers were running after him with UNDERWEAR!!! Naked toad turned around and they all fainted, and then he entered and won a marathon, because the audience and the other runners fainted. He went home and Threw a lamp at his TV because they were showing an anti-bullying commercial instead of SMK TV.


  • Naked toad loves SMK TV
  • Naked Toad often hits mothers who make him get dressed... really hard... (Note if pregnant he will trap them in a cellar with another pregnant woman and make them play bumper cars with there stomachs)

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