Shadow Kirby Apppears is an episode of The Super Evil Guy Super Show!


After eating Master Hand and Crazy Hand, Kirby becomes Shadow Kirby.


Scene 1

After beating up Master Hand and Crazy Hand in Nintendo Characters Smash the Crap Outta Each Other, NEW MARIO walks away. A few minutes later, KIRBY walks over to MASTER HAND's and CRAZY HAND's dead bodies, and eats them in one big gulp. Kirby then walks away. When KIRBY made it home, he was enshrouded in a strange light. After floating in the air for three minutes, KIRBY became... SHADOW KIRBY! However, the next second his house exploded for some reason. Without money, SHADOW KIRBY had to find a place to stay. He was walking in the dark woods when suddenly he spotted Evil Guy Tower, and he decided to go inside.

SHADOW KIRBY: Hey, can I get a room here?
EVIL GUY: Well, you then have to become one of my minions in order to stay. 'K?

Scene 2

The next morning, SHADOW KIRBY gets out of bed and goes for an early morning walk. Meanwhile, NEW MARIO and LUIGI are walking towards Evil Guy Tower, with SHADOW KIRBY nearby.

LUIGI: So, that's the plan?
NEW MARIO: Yes, of course.
SHADOW KIRBY: What are you guys talking about?
NEW MARIO: A plan to defeat Evil Guy.
SHADOW KIRBY: Evil Guy? Huh? I work for him.
LUIGI: Huh? An ally of the bad guy? Let's get him!

A short battle starts. NEW MARIO throws his hammer at SHADOW KIRBY. However, he inhales it, and spits the hammer out, knocking out NEW MARIO. LUIGI gets scared and runs away. SHADOW KIRBY decides to go back home.

EVIL GUY: Where have you been all morning?
SHADOW KIRBY: I just went for a walk, that's all.
EVIL GUY: Ok then! Just watch out for more threats, and you will be the best minion in no time!
Fade to black.

Morals of the Story

  • Never eat the corpse of a villain, mainly two.


  • Shadow Kirby was originally was going to tell about the fight against New Mario and Luigi, but this was dropped.
  • Shadow Kirby crapped out Master Hand & Crazy Hand (who turned out to be alive) but he is still shadow kirby.

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