“I'll get ya Game Freak!!!”
George Bush

Shame Freak, originally known as "Game Freak" is a shaming company that sells decent and poor shames. It caused 4 fights, Nintendo getting bankrupt, and The Videoshame Crash of 1934. Its number of shames made: 99999 shames. It was created by Sophie Carter.


Back when The Man (George W. Bush) was king, the un-world was in chaos! No new shames were made to rotten people's brains, it was horrible and The Man didn't care. He was a meanie! But Sophie Carter DID care nad formed a protest club/alliance/society called "Game Freak". The Man was mad but got fired and is now planning to take that company down.


After The Man was rid of. The club/alliance/society didn't need a purpose anymore until Sophie had the idea of turning Game Freak into a shaming company. Everybody hated it but couldn't think of anything else so they agreed.

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