The Shy Guy Mafia is a clan in Hyrule that is rumored to exist, mostly consisting of Shy Guys. Many believe that it is that cause of billions of deaths in Hyrule, including those of BettySonic The Hedgehog, and Arnold . The clan is extremely secret and most members do not even know that they are members. The clan has been chased by the police since the mid 300000s B.C., and so far no members have been convicted. The Evil Guy Family has been confirmed as one of the founding organizations that led to the creation of the Shy Guy Mafia, as well as the Fat Guys. Some other rumored members include New MarioAngry Sun , LarioWapeachDaisyPikachu, and Some tiny moron that nobody cares about

Early History

The first known appearance was in the Battle of the Green Cheese, where the Shy Guy Mafia had spies in the ranks of Pac-Man fans, and helped defeat them. The Cheese Lovers refused to acknowledge their help, and due to this, the Shy Guy Mafia has become their main enemy. Since then, they are rumored to be responsible for many deaths of Cheese Lovers. Ever since then, they have been consistently destroying Guys for any reason at all.

Taking over Shames

The Shy Guy Mafia have been known to take over Shames made by NintenDO, either by stealing and eating all of the copies or by taking over the set and trolling the cast. They have been known to take over any shame they think is offensive to Shy Guy kind, which basically means every shame.  They are thought to be the reason why Super Mario 129 has not come out yet, even though it was supposed to be out years ago.

Dividing Into Two Groups

Later, the Shy Guy Mafia split into two separate groups: the Cheese Haters, who set up a new camp in Russia, and the Shy Guy Armada, who dispersed to several different locations. The Cheese Haters would then remove their masks and outfits, donning military uniforms instead and concealing their Shy Guy identities forever. The Shy Guy Armada, however, remained a group of Shy Guys. Most of them moved to a secret underwater base underneath Yoshi's Island, but one key member by the name of Evil Guy isolated himself and created his own base called Evil Guy Tower. The Shy Guy Armada has been featured in an episode of The Super Evil Guy Super Show, which was also called Shy Guy Armada.