Smallio is a very small version of Mario. He is only about 4 inches, so everybody usually stomps on him. He was created after a deformed Mario cookie was brought to life by Evil Guy. He secretly tries to grow a few inches, but fails. He was fired for being too angry. However, ancient records show that Kilogramio, another Mario replacement, is a second cousin of Smallio, although they hate each other.

Huigi Smallio

Smallio and Huigi Comparsion.


Smallio with a magnifier.


&nbsp His shames were simply based on normal Mario shames, only they were much harder. In Super Smallio Bros. he can barely jump onto a block, so Huigi had to help him, yet Huigi was... ummm... REALLY monsterous compared to Smallio, so players always use Huigi.

In the next shame Smallio gets eaten by Bowser so Huigi tries to perform surgery on Bowser, yet he always ran away.

His last Shame

When the mario crew wanted to fire Smallio, his contract said before he left he had to star in 1 shame that he got to pick! Since Smallio is so angry and evil, the only shame he wanted to star in was Mario the serialkiller but that ended up lowering his fame because the shame sucked so much. After his last shame, he hated his career so much he had a party when he was fired.

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