Sneaking into a G Rated Movie is the 7th episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!. In this episode, the X-Men and the Mafia enter into a G-Rated movie.


WARIO is bored, so he and the Xmen go into a Cinema

  • WARIO - I think there's something wrong here.
  • BOWSER - You think so?
  • WARIO - Yeah, crunchy pieces of corn should be in my mouth right now.

They buy popcorn and return, unfortunately, they enter a G-Rated movie room.

  • WALUIGI - Wait, this movie is garbage!
  • WARIO - Duh, that's why they're rated G.
  • BOWSER - You mean we're in a G-Rated movie?!
  • WARIO - Yes...
  • BOWSER - Uuugh!!!! *eyeballs asplode*
  • DONKEY KONG - Oh boy it's smooching time!
  • MEGA MAN - Wath teh patato? *eyeballs implode*

The Koopa Mafia enters by mistake, SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT wishes for popcorn, and gets on other people's nerves. Suddenly a very violent scene shows

All Mario characters get a huge censor


  • Don't enter into a G-Rated Movie
  • Don't put too many cameos.


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