Someone (nicknamed Somebody, Some dunce, or some doosh) is the brother/sister of Nobody and Anybody and the daughter/son of Something, who is friends with a hot air balloon named Arnold. Beforehand he has committed crimes such as animal abuse and assault. Police have been baffled by his identity. From a recent interview with Waluigi, a Zoo police officer, he says "The only traces we have of him is a piece of Blue Cheese." He is also going to appear in the upcoming game Super Mario Universe as the boss of Mama Luigi's Secret Weapon Reactor where he attacks by chucking peanuts at you from the safety of inside his hot air ballon Arnold. He also is the most common target to hit with a Pie on April Fools Day. Despite this he can't be directly seen, as he appears as a shadowy figure. He likes playing Can We Fix It 2?. It turns out that he is the Middle Child of his siblings, thus making him want attention. He/She knows Katsu. Later on, In year 9999, This person was murdered by Ash Ketchum after he became a HUGE killer. Ash also kidnapped Arnold.

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