Sonicman: The Black Knight is a GOD AWFUL shame starring Sonic in some black clothing making him resemble a bat and Mario (named Mariobin; he barely appears), who is later replaced by Tails (called Tobin). In it, some weird clown named Dr. Eggman (nicknamed Dr. Robotnick, or Dr. Jobotnik here) decides to kill Sonic using his card tricks and stuff and Sonic grabs a sword and gets in his Sonicmobile (which is blue, not black) and goes off to stop Dr. Eggman from killing him. And uhh, he uses a sword. And he's a bat. And he's black and blue. And he's a knight, but not really. And he goes inside a book.


50% of the game is about driving the Sonicmobile and avoiding some other clowns from killing Sonic. And this part is very fast paced. The other 50% of the game is sword fighting and platforming. In it, Sonic must kill clowns by cutting them. The final boss is a combination of both: while Dr. Roboteggnickman drives a big robot thingy, Sonic is driving the car avoiding the orbot's attacks, then jumping out of the car and fighting Eggman. And it's epic. And the end, You cut off Dr. Eggman's PINGAS and you win. Really. You win. Arn'et you happy that you didn't die? COME ON! AWNSER ME! Oh well, Bye. -leaves-


Because it was made by NintenDO, it was actually pretty good for the most part. However, some dude named Robin Hood or something and some Bat dude who was called Batman sued NintenDO for copyng their idea. They won the lawsuit and the game was recalled so then Batman totally stole the idea and created a movie called Batman: The Black Knight. Nintendo sued Batman and Nintendo won the lawsuit and the game was put on shelves and the movie was recalled. Batman then sued the court and he won the lawsuit so Phoenix Wright lost his job.

Bat-Sonic a.k.a. Sonicman.

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