Soviet Russia is the place where the capsules with the Communism is hidden it was created by Vladimir Lenin to make everyone communist. However, Stalinastinia (Not Stalin) (for short Nastinia) rules it all there.


1917: Russia is invaded by Bowser who becomes Sovietowser WHO decides COMMUNIST and Nicholas the FAKE Santa Claus runs away like a chicken to Princess Peach's Castle. Sovietowser then makes Russia socialist.

1918: Bob the Builder discovers the secret of Russian Reversal.

1923: Derpy kid kills herself


  • Soviet Russia is in the game Super Socialist Stupid Bros.
  • Mario can be seen buried by snow
  • Luigi can also be seen buried by the snow.
  • Some girl aka Nadja The Mario Fan DOES NOT appears in Soviet Russia, although she appears with Russian clothing in the ending of something called Ashita no Nadja.

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