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Space Ghost

Space Ghost is a guy that interviews mario a lot as he ran out of guests and eventually went crazy playing mario shames.

Beginning of his life

He was born in the middle of space for some reason. For another strange reason he farted really loud. The fart pulled the nearby mental institution near his head and the mental institution hit him in the head. He became stupid so he was placed in the institution.


Superman went into space due to his comics being over thirty years old at the time and they were going also to put him in a show called "Superfriends". He was sick and tired of saving people so he brought space ghost out of jail and trained him to be a superhero. However the hannah-barbera guys still put him in their stupid cartoon. They found space ghost and decided to put him in a cartoon also. Neither were happy about their cartoons. Then space ghost put all the evil guys in jail with the help of two kids and their monkey which he helped out of rehab.

Ghost buster

He took a job as a ghost buster, one of those guys who put ghosts in those baggy thingies. One day, when a n00b joined the ghost busters the noob sucked him into the bag because his name was space ghost. He later got out of the bag and quit.

Talk Show

For some reason he got a talk show. He brought many dangerous criminals out of jail as he was stupid.


Mario, when he was three years old came on the show. Due to space ghost running out of guests he only had mario to interview. Mario developed had this strange addiction to illegal mushrooms from being around brak too much. Mario's mother sued space ghost for custody. However, Mario never got off of mushrooms.

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