“I hope she made 'lotsa Spaghetti!”
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Luigi's favorite food.

Spaghetti is some kind of food that Mario and Luigi like. Spaghetti is rather often mentioned in the Shames. Spahgetti is some kind of pasta that is covered in sauce, and it's optional to put Parmesan on it, as well as Meatballs. Due to Mario and luigi liking it so much, it is the signature food of the Mushroom Kingdom, rivaling West Hyrule's DINNER. Spaghetti was first mentioned in the game Inn Mario, where Luigi and Mario hoped that Peach made lots of it. It is also an item in Super Mario 128 and its sequal, where it restores a small amount of HP too Luigi, since Wario prefers Garlic. Spaghetti also was found to be the energy behind a piece of the Triforce, along with dinner and toast. Spaghetti can be infused with the powers of evil to form the wicked Gray SpagettiH also likes it! Spagetti was also an item used to blow up bowsers castle in a game that was never released called super mario blows up stuff.