Where: Greece
Inhabitants/Residents: 4354
When created/discovered 1,000 BC
Size: Big but not that big


The exact location of Sparta

This Is Sparta! Techno Music Mix!!02:42

This Is Sparta! Techno Music Mix!!

Sparta's Nationa Anthem. Accompanied by the traditional ancient dance moves.

Sparta is a mostly uninhabited wasteland and is where George W. Bush actually lives. In 1856-1957 it fought in a war against The Mushroom Kingdom over a bucket of KFC but the Mushroom Kingdom promised all Spartans who committed treason would get to share the KFC so the entire Spartan army joined the MK but they got nothing so Sparta was forced to surrender and that is why it is so unhabited or at least I think it is. Today Sparta is the place where Shy Guys who've abandoned their toilets come to retire and eat rice. Sparta is famous for people who say "This is SPARTA!"


Sparta Guy yelling in Bat Man's face.

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