A Star is an evil demon created by Evil Guy. It is Evil Guy's pet and the last boss of Stupid Mario Bros. and it is invincible. No one has been able to eat it and live. If someone eats it, they will DIE! It uses it's smiling face to lure in prey, and when they touch it they explode. Then the Star eats up the remains. It used the power of cheese to clone itself 100,000,000 times. If you eat a Star Clone, you will feel dizzy and start to see hallucinations. Then you will DIE. In the shame Stupid Mario Bros., it used the power of the smiling face and rainbow power to kill Mario. It had a very good time eating Mario's cookie remains. Their pointy edges can cut through gold, and it can hurt your eyes if you look at it too much. So remember, never directly look at a Star; you could go blind.

             So far, the only known way to kill it is to destroy Chuck Norris, which is impossible.

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