Stuper Bowsa is the first installment in the Stuper Bowsa Series for the NintenD'OH SIXTY FOR.


The imposter King Koopa took over the Mushroom Kingdom and Dark Land Bowsa Land. Mario and Luigi refuse to do anything about it, so it's time for Bowser to become STUPER BOWSA! He'd better be aware of other imposters!

There are three stars in each world other than the red coin star.

This is a work in progress.

Kordai Field

  • Boss: Big Link on the Loose - Bowsa must defeat Big Link, an imposter working for King Koopa.
  • Footrace with Ganon the Quick - Bowsa must beat Ganon in a race to where he defeated Big Link.
  • Red Coin Star - Bowsa must get 8 red coins. This appears in every world.
  • Chain King - Bowsa must free the King of Hyrule without losing all 10 of his healths.

Bloo's Tower

  • Boss: Kidnapped! - Imposter Bloo AKA Eduardo kidnapped Bloo and the only way to save him is by defeating Eduardo.
  • Scale the Tower - Bowsa must go to the top of the tower.
  • Breaking Down - Bowsa must borrow some bombs from Mario and destroy the tower.

Lazer Mountain

  • Lazer Mom - Bowsa must return a tiny laser back to its mother.
  • Lazer Mine Field - Bowsa must get through the Lazer Field without dying.
  • Boss: Giant Lazer Race - Bowsa must beat the Giant Lazer in a sliding race.

Mission to Mars

  • Castle - Bowsa must talk to Peach before King Koopa captures her.
  • Wilds - Bowsa must go through the Wilds and reach the ship.
  • Boss: Dark Army - Bowsa must defeat the army of Dark Goonies and Jason Goombas.

Secret Stars

  • To get secret stars, you must find secret areas.
  • Only four secret courses exist.
  • Three of them involving getting special shells: Metal Shell, Wing Shell, and InvisiShell.
  • The last one is like the Giant Lazer Race except it doesn't have a Giant Lazer.

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