Stupid Mario Galaxy: Revenge of the Nerds is the second installment of the Stupid Mario Galaxy series.

Bowser's Plan

Taking place after the first game, Bowser and his legions, the Rebel Alliance on the Forest Moon of Endor, devise a plan to take down the evil dictators of the Galaxy, Mario and his girlfriend Princess Rosalina. After hearing about an election on TV against George W. Bush, Bowser decides that he should run against him so that way he could have more power and possibly take down the evil Mario and Rosalina. He nominates himself to run against Bush with Luke Stromcrawler supporting that nomination. However, Mario and Rosalina aren't too far off, as Rosalina is watching Bowser as he runs for President, so she sends in a bounty hunter by the name of Captain Norton's Brother to stop him from winning. However, Norton's Brother fails to actually kill him and decides to run against Bowser and Bush himself and nominates himself, with Princess Apple seconding the nonimation. Norton's Brother manages to beat out the competition, but Bowser isn't finished yet. Bowser then goes with his back-up plan and unleashes the Pretzel Men on the galaxy, in an attempt to send out his brand of evil and pretzelly goodness. President Captain Norton's Brother is unable to do anything as he is under the spell of the shame Super Ronald Galaxy.

Final Confrontaion

Mario and Rosalina eventually defeat the Pretzel Men by devouring all of them. However, they also make themselves so fat that they can no longer even fit in the galaxy by doing so. They attempt to go and confront the final boss, Bowser, but by moving their arms, they caused the universe to collapse upon itself, causing the Big Bang, making the universe restart itself. Bowser, furious that his plan failed, goes back to the drawing board to think of another plan to top them once again.


Z-Play co-host Adam Hussler commented that while the game had improved graphics and controls, it was still very bad and gave it a not-well deserved 3... out of 5. Morgan Bedd said the shame could have been better, but was still better than the first.


As the second installment of the Stupid Mario Galaxy series, it is now the inspiration for the third installment of the shaming series, Stupid Mario Galaxy: A Lost Hope.


  • Norton's Brother takes an active role in this shame as not only a main character but as President of... something. He will be taking another role in the next shame.
  • Bowser will replace the Pretzel Men with an army of Real Men made out of Snow.

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