Stupid Mario RPG is a shame for the Super NEF. It features Mario going from the Mushroom Kingdom on to an adventure to Italy.


Mario must fight Bowser to help some useless mutant kittens escape. With his Super-Atomic Spaghetti breath, Mario defeats Bowser, but Smithy takes over the castle and the president guarded it. Mario tries to break in using Luigi as a shield, but the president then transports them into Italy. Mario fought a bunch of Koopas, Goombas and professors. He then went into some of the finest restaurants to eat and gain 3344 pounds, but he found out they take Euros instead of coins. Then Mario went to some place and took his coins to be converted into Euros and he only got 1000 Euros. Mario then spent all his money on the food and only gained 976 pounds. He then went back to the Mushroom Kingdom to fight Smithy and used his newly-gained bulge to knock the president off of the bridge and climbed up the castle to the second floor and collapsed from exhaustion. Luigi carried him up to fight Smithy and he lost. The Mushroom Kingdom was then taken over by Smithy for 1000 years until a nuclear bomb hit his castle and then the Marioverse was saved.

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