Stupid Mario and Stupid Yoshi's Stupid Movie! is an R or 15+ rated film because of strong violence and rude humor. It is 96 mins approx long. It was banned in Madagascar because of the naughtyness. It's based on The Stupid Idiot Adventures of Mario and Yoshi episodes.


Mario and Yoshi goes to a UnMario party and George W. Bush and Plankton try to destroy the party. Plankton says "What the **** are you ******* doing?" Plankton shoots the formula so Mario and Yoshi get huge papercuts so there is pools of blood and they die. Dr. Malleo tells Plankton to suck the two with his Chum Chummer 2000. Dr. Malleo absorbs the energy out of the machine ressurect them. Then Mario and Yoshi turn into Cannibals and gobble all the guests out. Yoshi then finds a bagel and breaks it up so it could be used for a boomerang. It's up to Dr. Malleo to sort this out...


  • Never use a Chum Chummer 2000 in a party when people are dead.
  • Don't suck the energy out of a machine with alive people or they turn into cannibals.


  • Worst 15+ movie ever
  • Three stars
  • The most above average movie ever award
  • Most swearing movie
  • most stupid movie evah!

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