Super Mario: Attack of the Randomness is a very random Mario shame. In the game Mario has been sucked into the Pure Randomness World where complete randomness occurs. Mario must defeat all his random challenges in order to escape.


One day, Mario was spamming the MarioWiki when he suddenly got sucked into a portal. After going through swirling randomness, Mario wakes up in a world that is really weird, which is called the Pure Randomness World. Mario explores the world in order to escape. After Mario defeated a Goomba at the end of the eighth world, he escaped the dimension.


  • Random City
    • Boss: Random City's Mayor
    • Description: A very random city.
  • Dry Caverns
    • Boss: Barney
    • Description: A dry cavern.
  • Wet Desert
    • Boss: Red Bones
    • Description: A really wet desert. It looks like the sea.
  • Dry Sea
    • Boss: A Blooper that wouldn't Move.
    • Description: A dry sea. It looks like a desert.
  • Island in the Sky
    • Boss: A Ninji with Wings and a Spatula'
    • Description: A Island in the Sky. It has a Tropical climate.
  • Barack Obama's Basement
    • Boss: Barack Obama
    • Description: Barack Obama's dark basement of many horrors and changes that he never explains...
  • McBurger King's
    • Boss:McBurger King
    • Description: McDonald's and Burger King fused together. Many Big McWhoppers are here.
  • Random Hill
    • Boss: A lone Goomba.
    • Description: A VERY random hill. It constantly changes every Fifteen seconds from Hill to a Hole in the ground.


Due to a Goomba being the final Hater, Nobody has beaten this game.

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