Super Mario & Luigi: The Untold Story is a RPG/Platfromer that is somehow the sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Shmega, yet this shame was rather popular.


Mario and Luigi have been paranoid recently, and they thinks something's going on since they're bored (It turned out Bowser was on a month-long vacation, and Evil Guy was busy planning an Anti-Cupcake scheme that has a high chance of succeeding. Daisy was locked up somewhere,Weegee's eyes were taped shut and a magical pickle was on the john. Out of boredom, they start to wreak havoc, terrorizing the nearby Toad Town. Then they fight Princess Peach in an easy RPG/platformer fight, and they won. They destroy her castle, but the only place they left alone was a Subway Restaurant, and they had Subs for dinner. Next they go to sleep. Mario has a peaceful dream until an evil Bus comes and eats everybody in it. Being alone, Mario defeats it, and it is somehow already the next morning. The next day they attack Yoshi's Island, and they fight Lamek, who was about to work-out. After the easy fight, Yoshi unexpectedly attacks them from his hiding place, but was defeated by the scratch cat)

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