Supermario604 box small

The Super Mario 604 box art.

This shame was a huge hit in Japan. Probably because that's where it was made... In America it was considered a worthless intermission to keep fans from waiting too long until the next shame came out. This shame was created for the Nintendo 46 but never went beyond that. The object of the shame was that you have to get a hat back. That's right. A HAT was the cause of this massive adventure. But that's Nintendo for ya. An odd thing about this shame was that Mario was blind and Mario wore Wario's hat. Coincidentally, Wario wears Mario's hat throughout the shame. And right after the beginning cinematic, Mario is already thousands of miles away from the original place of the hat(Wario's house), so Wario unfortunately has to go find him, but also picks up the wrong hat which also happens to be in his house.

After the first 20 minutes of making the shame, Nintendo decided to make the shame have a... well, disgusting sort of effect. The main move of Wario was to sneeze all over enemies.


A: Sneeze
B: Action Button
R: Punch
L: Kick
Analog 1: Move
Analog 2: Look

Story, Incomplete

Caution: Spoilers start here!

Mario wakes up one morning and finds out he is blind. He purposely accidentally put on Wario's hat. You, Wario, must get back your hat before Mario loses it.

Goomba Village

To get to Goomba Village you need to go into the fireplace to your right from where you start. Once you climb out you will have climbed up a Warping Pipe in Goomba Village. Your menu will then show objectives you need to complete:


Wario's Sneeze ability.

  • Get Yoshi to eat some Goombas for you.
There are several Yoshis that you can find here.

Spoilers end here.

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