Super Mario Bland is yet another platformer shame starring Mario. In the shame, Bowser kidnaps Peach and Mario has to go on a pointless adventure to save her. There is only one level in the game which is flat place with only a few shades of gray, a few Koopa Troopas, and twenty Brick Blocks. This only level is really just a path that takes one hundred years to finish. At the end Mario reaches Bowser who died of old age and has a party with Peach and eats 'lotsa Spagetti but Peach says DINNER tastes better and this makes Mario angry and he ties her up and throws her down a bottomless pit.


  • It is unknown why Peach likes DINNER. This made a few fans think she was possessed by the King of Hyrule.
  • This was said to be the second worst shame, only being seceded by Mushroom White.

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