Super Mario Bros: Great Mission to save that Bimbo without Mario and Luigi is a crappy movie released in the theaters. It stars LOLLER.


Bowser was just stuffing himself with DINNER watching the Woody Woodpecker Show, where in the show he asploded. After this LOLLER kidnapped the Bimbo Peach who was eating DINNER with the fat Koopa King. Mario and Luigi heard about it from a Toad and decided to go in search of the "princess." Halfway through Luigi gave up because he forgot the money he could be saving from Geico and Mario was fired by some guy at Nintendo for smuggling Dian Shi Mali into Australia. Sony then hired Bob The Builder to save the bimbo thingy. In one second Bob used the power of his wrench and killed LOLLER with his cool theme song "Can we fix it?". LOLLER's last word before his death was "lol." However, he really tried to pronounce Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and cheese backwards to instantly kill Bob, as evidenced on a note nearby. Bob The Builder noticed it was bedtime, so he went back to his house to go to sleep while the bimbo was eaten by a Worm.


The overall reception was poor. The ending of the film was usually said to be decent, though. Basically because it is interesting to see a worm eating some dumb person that nobody really cares about. The ArcadeHobo gave it a What-What!? 3.4/5, commenting, "Mareeoh movee shaim!? Looks goodee-good! Butt cheezeee! Cheezee! Uh-oh Noes! End iz at leest a goody-good! Woo-hoo!" and you want to know something else? Bowser Productions, the same company that made Eat Chicken: THE MOVIE!! lololololololol.

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