Super Mario Cheese Shine
is a shame made by Cheesetendo. Mario was walking in Cheesefino Plaza on Cheese Island, when somebody put bacon all over the place, and stolen all of the Cheese Sprites! Mario got charged $44, and had to go and get the Cheese Sprites. The goal of the game was to clean up the all the bacon and defeat the Cheese Haters. This game is slightly like Super Mario Moonshine, only better since it has cheese and the main goal was to destroy all of the bacon, which Nobody likes. The cover art was regarded as one of the worst cover arts ever but the actual game was better.


The shame was criticized by Ham lovers who hate cheese, they made a stupid hammy shame called Super Mario Ham Shine.

Super Mario Bread Shine

Bread Lovers made a Bready shame called Super Mario Bread Shine, Because they riped-off Super Mario Ham Shine.

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