Super Mario Crazy Cursed OMGZ is a really good shame made by nintendo for the DSSAYYYY.


Toad tells two Goombas about a new plot to rule the world. However, Mister Man wants to kill them, and take over the world himself. Mario and Luigi must stop Mr. Man, free Princess Peach and Princess Rosalina, and kill a Whomp.


Use Left to jump left, Left+a to move left, Use Right to jump right, Right+a to move right, and Up to Jump.


Level 1

Mario finds a dead Kirby on the floor, along with a snack. He picks up the snack, which turns into the Cheeseburger of DOOM! He fights Cheeseburger of DOOM! which asplodes. A goomba is then saved, which turns into Gus the Great.


The moaning koopa

Level 2

A near-dead koopa is on the floor, moaning. Mario nurses her back to health. She turns into Weegee, who is really Mr. Man in disguise. Mario then does a jump on his head, which turns into Starbetta, the evil Star Bit. Mario then gets chased by Starbetta, only to die and go to the Underwear.

Level 3

This level takes place in Luigi's Bathroom. He wants to come out of his shower, only you must not let him. To beat the level though, you must let him out of the shower because he will get arrested for public nudity and go to where Mario is, in Level 4.

Level 4

Mario is in the Underwear with Luigi. You must get out before the stink fumes kill you. Avoid the toilet paper that will be used to wipe the Great God's butt.

Level 5

You must kill a Whomp, which is impossible, because there is no Ground Pound in this game. After 130 minutes, the Whomp will get bored and commit suicide.

Level 6

This is the final battle. After it, you win and everything is happy.

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